As we know the whole world is under an unemployment epidemic. Well even Finland has caught it.

Finding a job in Finland is not very easy but once you’ve found it you can be sure that you re going to have the same rights ans natives. What I mean is that your going to have the same wages, work conditions, lifestyle, politics and even professional formations. This factor and the fact that you can bring yout whole family and make them enjoy the sames rights, has made Finland very enviable


Finding a job in here has almost the same procedure as in Spain.  You can look up in a newspaper for job offers. You can look for it at private enterprises wiche help you to find a right job for your cualifications. And to finish you can just go to an employment office.


The first point of dicussion is wages. Finland does not have a minimum interprofessional wages but the establish minimum sector wages and for that they have to take into account the rivalry between job positions and the geographycal situation.

The normal working day is about 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week which means a total of about 160 hours per month. This time table can change sometimes but it has to respect resting hours. A person has to rest at least 11 hours between each working day and at least 35 hours per week.

Vacations: if ou have a temporary contract, less than year, you have 2 resting days every month and if you have a contract for more than a year you have right to 2 days every month which makes a total of 26 days a year.

Sumarising,despite Finland has caught this cold is still a quite good country to start a new life alone or with the whole family because of the conditions mentioned above.