I am goingo to talk about best cities to live in Finland.

So, what makes Finland so special? Among other things, the Scandinavian country boasts (cuenta con) great air and water quality, low rates of infant diseases, and protection from water pollution and natural disasters. The universal health care is always important to me, and Finland, like all Scandinavian countries, takes care of its citizens’ health.


Finland - Beautiful city view in Finland

Helsinki is the capital of Finland. Its population is near 600.000 inhabitants. This city is the social, economic and cultural centre.

One of its monuments are the Sveaborg Castle and Senate Square, don’t miss the opportunity to visit them. Of  this city stand out its historical centre, neoclasic style, its streets and cliffs.

In Helsinki we won’t have problem to stay in their hotels or in a rural houses which are in the field.

There are a young atmosphere  for their different universities.

Helsinki has many types of transport with which you can move for the nearby cities as train, plane, car or ship.

Helsinki is the most interesting place to visit during our holiday.


As touristic destination in the north of Lapland is Rovaniemi. This is one of the first touristic destinations for the lovers of sports of snow, of ice, as well as the lovers of the polar nature.

Rovaniemi is a small paradise that we find in Lapland, with 60,000 inhabitants, closely together of the polar Arctic circle.  His white environment, with his plains of ice and snow, his frozen lakes, his mountains like Ounasvaara and Korkalovaara, do of this one an impressive place to visit, and in that to enjoy a few different holidays.

The winter sports are the ski, the snowboard, hiking, the bobsleds (trineos), skating on ice (patinaje sobre hielo) and fishing. They are sports outdoors in this impressive locality of the north of Finland.

Here we find the University of Lapland, as well as the house of Father Christmas, one of the places most visited of the region. This is one of Rovaniemi’s principal attractions, the House of Holy Claus or Father Christmas, here it is possible to visit the polar Arctic circle, since it is to approximately 10 kilometres of the city.

Holy Claus or Father Christmas

Something interesting: This city spends more than the half of the year covered of snow.


On the other hand, in the southern part, we find another tourist destination, near Helsinki, Lappeenranta, whose shore (orilla) in the lake Saimaa has done of this small municipality one of the principal tourist destinations of the south of the country.

Lappeenranta is a very tourist place. It is a municipality that finds close of Helsinki, with a population of approximately 60,000 inhabitants.

Lappeenranta is a city of the south of Finland, which we find in the shore of the Lake Saimaa, one of the most beautiful of the country. This city is 30 kilometres of the border that it separates Finland of Russia.


This one is one of the summer destinations most requested of the country. The Lake, the monuments, they attract hundreds of tourists every year that walk along its streets, enjoy its lakes, visit the Tower of the Water, the Fort, as well as the Orthodox Church of the country.

Tower of the Water                                                                                                                                                    Lappeenranta Fortress                      



Orthodox Church

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