So now you live here, but apart from ordering a sausage and a beer you’re finding the language a little tricky! Or perhaps you have a predilection for driving on the wrong side of the road? It’s time to get Finlandised!

By the 1980s, Finland enjoyed one of the highest living standards in the world

Student Apartments

Approximately one third of all Finnish students live in student apartments. Housing costs are reasonable, and applying for an apartment is simple. Student apartments are always near of schools and colleges, or easily reached by public transport.

There are student housing organisations in 21 localities; in some localities exchange students have specific quotas for alotted housing, and in other localities exchange students take precedence over available apartments.

Types of Student Housing

Student housing is available in several forms:

  • Shared apartment: A good choice for single students, usually shared

    HOAS student housing in Helsinki, Finland. Architectural design by Playa architects.

    by 2-4 students. Each tenant has his/her own lockable room, and the kitchen and bathroom are shared. Some have a shared living room. Basic furniture, such as a bed and desk in the tenants´ rooms, is usually included. Kitchens are usually furnished with basic appliances.

  • Studio apartment: Also good for single students, but more expensive and not always easy to obtain. The number of studio apartments is limited, so you may have to queue.
  • Group apartment: If you want to live with a group of your friends, you can rent an entire apartment together. In addition to individual bedrooms and the kitchen, most group apartments have a shared living room.
  • Family apartment: Family apartments usually have 2-3 rooms and a kitchen or kitchenette. These apartments are intended for couples and families with children, and are usually located near services such as playgrounds and kindergartens.

Student apartments generally have shared facilities such as saunas, laundry rooms with washing machines and tumble dryers, club rooms etcetera.

Healthcare & Services in Finland

Public healthcare is available to all residents in Finland, regardless of their financial situation.

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