Nowadays, Finland has one big religion that surrounds the whole conutry: Lutheranism.


This religion was founded by Martin Luther because he noticed that the roman church erased almost all the characteristic of a religion. The clergy had no preparation to indoctrinate their followers and they didn’t even care. Their biggest preocupation was to earn money and even popes’ objective was to obtain as most money as posible. This fact was te top of the iceberg and stimulate himto change. As I said lutheranism was created in response of the bad quality of church and it consisted on a closer contact to god and the reading of the bible. People’s soul was saved only by their faith and not by their acts.  The sacraments were reduced to two , baptism and eucharist. They did’nt accept a pope and the pope could get married. Due to the enormous inluences of the conquerors most of the population has grown up in this religion’s environment so most of the population (about 90%) is lutheran.

The other 10% is divided into Greek Orthodox church and other non clasified religions. This clasification is due to the ethnic groups that we can find there: 93% Finn, 6% Swede, Lapp 0.11%, Gypsy 0.12 and tatar 0.02.

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