Finland has two official languages that are Finnish, Swedish.



•Finnish is the first language spoken by

The Roman alphabet is the alphabet used for many modern-day languages. It came from the Greek alphabet.

93% of the country’s inhabitants. It is also spoken in Russia, Sweden and Norway.
The language was first written in the 16th century.The written language uses the Roman alphabet, with the addition of ä, ö and y. The consonants b, c, z and x are only used in loan words*.


•Swedish is spoken by around 6% of the population, most of whom live in the south west and are also speakers of Finnish. It is also the official language of Sweden.

The written language uses the Roman alphabet plus å, ä, ö. Earlier versions of the alphabet included the letters þ, æ, ø.

The earliest examples of Swedish writing are inscriptions on stones from the 9th century.

•Sámi is a minority language in the Nordic countries that is spoken by people living in the north of Finland, which is around the 0.03% of the Finnish population.


*Loan word: it is a word borrowed from one language and incorporated into another.